WildData New Zealand
  • Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust
    • Arthur's Pass Wildlife TrustThe Arthur's Wildlife Trust was established in late 2002 in response to the "doomed" outcome probable for NZ's only urban population of Great Spotted Kiwi (GSK) or Roroa (Apteryx haastii). The Arthur's Pass community currently traps or controls the various animals (Stoats, Weasels, Rats, Feral Cats and Possums) that predate the Kiwi eggs or juveniles.
  • Fire Weather Index Calculator
    • FWI CalcThis website utilises data created by a Windows based application called FWI Calc (written by SoftRock). This allows private independent Weather Stations to calculate various wild fire indices used to predict fire behaviour related to changes in weather & climate. The website allows sharing & graphical display of this data.

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